Focus Areas

Knowledge and Document Management

Using FREE Wiki software, we offer a private wiki to document numerous forms of institutional knowledge. It is a repository for all to-do’s, instructions, tips, work instructions, policies and institutional knowledge that exist in organisations.

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Start a Business

Starting a business is daunting. We face many uncertainties, for example where to start the process? What to sell? Who will my clients be? Can I make a success of a business? We walked the road and offer a one-stop-solution for prospective business owners.

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Manage a Business

Managing a business requires engagement with multiple stakeholders (owners, clients, employees etc.) while managing the business systems. Oraclis collaborate with owners to develop tools, systems and resilience to navigate the complexities of managing a business.

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Change and Transformation

Change management is a collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organizations in making the changes they deem necessary.

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Team Cohesion

Improve results by aligning organisational culture and goal-directedness among the members of a team.

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Allow management to fully recognise the broader context within which they operate

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Management Reports

Management reports informs managers of different aspects of the business, in order to help them make better-informed decisions.

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Strategy Development

Having goals and a roadmap how to get to achieve those goals are important and useful strategic tools for any business.

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Balanced Scorecards

Balanced scorecards give structure to strategy, aligns departments and makes it easier to communicate with stakeholders.

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Systems and Processes

Effective systems produce reliable and consistent results, allowing management to focus on more strategic goals.

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Coaching is quickly becoming one of the leading tools and strategies that successful people are using in order to enhance their lives and work. The clarity that emerges contributes to dealing with complexity and allow leaders to lead extraordinary lives.

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The Neurozone® report provides organizations with invaluable insights into how the underlying drivers of human performance affect key business outcomes.

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Leadership Development

Develop the capacity of leaders and managers to effectively lead teams and achieve goals.

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