Change and Transformation

If we could, we would stick to a working formula as long as possible. Yet, sometimes change is forced upon us without the opportunity to prepare.

Change your Business

Oraclis – we work with companies and individuals to develop new strategies, clarity and resilience.

Change and Transformation

Change management is a collective term for all approaches to prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organizations in making the changes they deem necessary.

Our approach utilises a series of tools to:

  • Create clarity on the nature and scope of the change
  • Develop a vision and strategy
  • Create goals and a roadmap
  • Ensure the change is aligned towards sustainable goals
  • Ensure that change is congruent and sustainable
  • Build resilience and create capacity

Following the initial free consultation, we submit a customised proposal which may include a series of workshops and sessions. The ongoing delivery system allows the owner to focus on their business while the goals are achieved.

Control and manage change

Change can be managed and directed, even when we are forced to make it. The ideal time to initiate change is when everything is going well and there is a positive momentum to carry us through the difficulties of transition. But this is not always possible. Black swan events like the Coronavirus outbreak can force us to adapt to a changing environment. Then we must create our own positive momentum and take control.

The S-Curve demonstrates the ideal time to introduce change. While it is going well, there is a higher tolerance for disruption. But when we are forced, that tolerance must be created. We specialise in building an environment where clear and prudent thinking prevail.

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