Services Industry

Managing a Services Business


The Service Sector includes companies that provide services to businesses and consumers. This sector includes industries such as Advertising, Cleaning, Consulting, IT/Technology, Entertainment and Events. The Service Sector operates differently from other sectors and faces unique challenges.  A recent study list the following critical problems:

  • Generating Sales
  • Time-Based Billing Structure
  • Define Business Strategy and Goals
  • Staff Motivation and Training
  • Team Culture and Cohesion
  • Managing Costs and Systems
  • Impact of Taxes and Legislation
  • Select and Deploy Appropriate Technologies

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Oraclis – we developed a programme specifically for Service Companies.

Programme Overview

There is no magic course or quick intervention that can change a business and make it resilient overnight. Our approach is to design systems that will provide desired results over an extended period of time regardless of the challenges they face or the way the environment changes. A business should be able to cope with the problems they face today and have systems able to adapt to almost all conceivable situations while progressing towards their strategic goals.

Our standard process (figure above) is aligned with elements designed specifically for services companies. We start by doing a preliminary assessment. This will allow us to identify what to include in the programme and provide the owners with a timeline, budget and forecast of what to expect.

During this assessment, the expectations of the owners will be identified. The programme will also require a high level of buy-in and commitment from the business. These will be mutually agreed upon to ensure the delivery of the expected results.

This is followed by a detailed requirement assessment. This is combined with a scan of all the market forces and environmental forces at play to produce a clear and empirical vision of how the company could function if it was at its most optimal. We base our methodology on a process called Interactive Planning and Idealised Design. Read more here.

A roadmap with milestones is mapped. This roadmap guides the implementation phase where everything that was identified during the needs assessment is executed.

Once the systems of delivery have been implemented and the strategy of how to maintain these systems have been identified, the growth plan will be handed over to the business. At this point we can either exit or continue working on a retainer besis.