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Becoming and being an entrepreneur.

“The graveyard is the richest place on earth, because it is here that you will find all the hopes and dreams that were never fulfilled, the books that were never written, the songs that were never sung, the inventions that were never shared, the cures that were never discovered, all because someone was too afraid to take that first step or determined to carry out their dream.”

–   Les Brown

“The most difficult part of running a business is the start. Although I had a good support structure, self-doubt, uncertainty and loneliness were omnipresent. “

– Business Owner.

Oraclis provides a start-up with all the tools you need to build a business that can grow into a major corporation. From the legal requirements, market scans, operations setup to monitoring and quality control, our extensive programme assist with all the systems that ensure success.

These systems are implemented by qualified consultants and business coaches who support the entrepreneur all steps of the way.

Programme elements

ActivityProgramme PhaseDetails
Skills & Personality Assessment
Discovery Phase

Market Scan
Business Plan
Readiness Assessment
Name Reservation
Company Setup

Business Registration
SARS Registration
UIF/Labour Registration
BEE Certificate
Business E-MailTechnical SetupMore
Cloud Storage
Accounting System Setup
Target Client ProfileMarketingMore
Social Media Setup
Marketing Plan
Costing MatrixOperationsMore
Business Dashboard
Operations Plan
Coaching & Business Review (12 Months)ImplementationMore

Optional Products

Social Media Management
IT Support
Computer Hardware
Marketing Collateral
Management Dashboards
Wiki site for Operating procedures and knowledge base

Discovery Phase

Taking cognisance of the unique skills and personality of the entrepreneur, we analyse the market and assist with the creation of a business plan that will become a practical guide and compass for the business. The steps are:

  • Conduct a skills assessment to establish the technical skills an entrepreneur could monetise.
  • Conduct a personality assessment to build awareness in the entrepreneur of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyse the stakeholders (eg. family, partner, employees and investor) to establish what each party want to achieve, how they can support the entrepreneur and how he or she should maintain those important relationships.
  • Conduct a market scan to establish the feasibility of the business idea.
  • Perform a readiness assessment to ensure the entrepreneur is prepared.
  • Create a business plan which will guide the entrepreneur through his journey.

Price: From R12,200 Ex VAT (*)


Company Setup

In South Africa, small and medium-sized organisations compose 91% of formalised businesses, provide employment to about 60% of the labour force and total economic output accounts for roughly 34% of GDP. Yet the country is ranked 139th on the World Bank’s index of ease to open a business (

Although many of the application documents are publicly available, the process can be complicated and confusing. Our approach is to collect all the information, submit applications on your behalf and manage the entire process.

While it is possible to navigate the red tape without assistance, we found that entrepreneurs are more productive when they spend their time thinking about their products and prospective customers.

Price: From R 2,575.00 Ex VAT (*)


Technical Setup

“In hindsight, my biggest mistake was to start trading without having proper systems in place. By the time I realised I needed good systems, everything was already moving at a tremendous pace. Then it was like working on a car while it was driving. My growth would have been even more impressive had I prepared my business to scale before it was required” – Victor Kotze, Business Owner.

Using modern, affordable and secure cloud-based products, we provide and configure:

  • A custom internet domain with your company name (eg.
  • E-Mail accounts for the owners, marketing campaigns, sales and accounts. These mail accounts are accessible from anywhere and any device, including cellphones.
  • Cloud-based document system with a custom file and directory. Files are accessible on all devices.
  • Custom forms and all the tools to create a complete document repository.
  • Assistance with the configuration of your accounting system based on best-practice principles and accommodating your specific requirements.
  • Quotation, invoice and statement templates.
  • Training on all these items.

Price: From R 3,800 Ex VAT (*)



No-one can sell a business’s products better than the owners and they need to live their business ethos and marketing message. We align the business with the requirements of their potential clients by:

  • Defining the business’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and core marketing message.
  • Compiling a profile of a typical client.
  • Identify how those clients can be reached.
  • Set sales targets.
  • Use all this information to compile a comprehensive Marketing Plan which will guide the business with their marketing.

Price: From R 6,800 Ex VAT (*)



Most prospective entrepreneurs know how to manufacture the products or services they are going to sell. Yet, when the orders start rolling in and they have to balance production with the running of the business, things can get complicated.

We designed a methodology that will ensure a systems-based approach to operations and allow the business to maintain quality and achieve targets. The highlights of this methodology are:

  • Design a costing matrix that will make sure pricing is competitive and profitable.
  • Produce a comprehensive Operations Plan that will facilitate a systems-based approach to production.
  • Design a Dashboard that will give the owner an overview of the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

Price: From R 8,000 Ex VAT (*)



Monthly sessions with an experienced business coach to monitor progress. These sessions cover:

  • Analysis of financials
  • Analysis of business dashboard
  • Progress against goals
  • Quality analysis
  • Personal wellbeing

We support the owner for a year to ensure all systems are implemented, fully operational and ready to scale.

Price: From R 20,000 Ex VAT (*)


Optional Services

In addition to our standard package, we offer a host of additional services to ensure a one-stop solution. These include:

  • Website design to fit your company.
  • Accountants to assist with all submissions and compile the financial statements. We have relationships with trusted and experienced accountants who can provide accounting services fully integrated with all our products.
  • Social Media Management. It is typical for an entrepreneur to spend less time on the internet once the business is in production. They may also find that it can be technical to optimise campaigns and search engine hits. This will ensure maximum value from your online presence.
  • If a business needs IT support or need to procure computer equipment, we can assist with the supply of computer hardware at competitive prices, set up wifi and support users with any task.
  • Oraclis provide a comprehensive backoffice business support service. These services include:
    • Call centre;
    • Manage suppliers and purchase orders;
    • Manage all monthly expenses;
    • Follow up on client payments and allocate all payments received;
    • Monitor age analysis;
    • Filing.

E-Mail us at for more information on any of these options.


Pricing and general

  • All applicants will be reviewed for suitability. We process all applications within 7 days
  • Fees are for each individual product. The bundled price is from R49,995.
  • All fees exclude VAT
  • All fees are subject to a business review


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