Strategy Development

Strategy and roadmapsDevelop strategic goals for the organisation

Oraclis – we help companies develop their strategic direction and markers to aim at.

Research beyond the business plan

Running a business is challenging, complex and require all the energy of the management team.

Leaders can get so consumed with the day-to-day bustle and complexities of their business that they can loose focus on where they want to be and what they want to achieve. Too often it feels as if we are chasing our tail and not getting anywhere. Having well-defined goals and a proper strategy on how to achieve those goals can help businesses to:

  • Have a marker to aim at;
  • Have a plan how to achieve goals;
  • Focus energy on tasks that will facilitate reaching their goals;
  • De-prioritise activities that prevent the business from achieving their goals;
  • Adjust the goals and adapt to changes.

Conduct environmental scanning to determine factors influencing the strategy and future of the organisation;

Using scenario planning tools, we define a probable, possible and preferable futures.

Design roadmaps with markers to define the route and progress.

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