Systems and Processes

Optimise systems and procedures

Oraclis – we help companies assess their workflow and design a new systems-based approach to the business

How does a company like McDonald’s produce the same quality burger everywhere in the world? Their clients know they will get precisely the same experience and product be it New York, Tahiti, Cape Town or any of their 38,000 restaurants.

Companies like Mcdonald’s use systems, procedures and processes to ensure consist delivery.

Some benefits of a systems-based approach to your business are:

  • Consistent service levels
  • Consistent products and delivery
  • Easier to manage
  • Easier to change
  • Scale and grow business

Our approach

All systems should support business goals and align with client expectations. This requires a clear understanding of the businesses’ value proposition and what they are trying to achieve. It also requires an understanding of what the clients expect and want.

We run a workshop where this is clarified and use the outcomes to inform and frame all systems of the business.

Starting with a set of systems which is based on best-practice, we incorporate the outputs of the alignment exercise, incorporate the inputs of the owner/managers and map a new set of systems. This is a reiterative process and the buy-in of all stakeholders is critical. We continue until all core processes are covered and the systems simplistic enough to be used without becoming a nuisance.

Some businesses utilise numerous systems while others require less. Ideally, everything done in a business should be part of a system. We ensure

Redesign processes and procedures optimise resources and outputs

With the new systems in place, we identify how the owner can measure and manage these systems.

Once the systems are operational and managed, opportunities for improvement and change will emerge.

We follow this basic process, but modify our approach according to each brief and scope.

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