In our competitive environment, innovation is a core competency. Organisations are looking at their technology to provide them with a strategic advantage. It is therefore important to take a strategic approach when selecting systems to digitise and products that will allow the business to achieve their strategic goals.

Oraclis – our approach aligns technology and innovation with the business goals to ensure measurable deliverables.

Elements to digitise

In this article, we wrote about the importance of technology projects being managed by the business. IT vendors will grab every opportunity to gain control over a company’s tech procurement. To keep technology aligned with the business, the first step is to define the problem in terms of business and not in terms of technology. For example, do not say “we need cloud storage”. Rather frame it as “we need to safely access our information no matter where we are”. This may sound trivial, but the follow-up questions will move the focus to the business goals. If we said “we need cloud storage”, the follow-up questions might be “how much storage?”. This will probably initiate a debate about size, spec and often end up with storage not suitable for the business. If however, the business said “we need to safely access our information no matter where we are”, the follow-up questions might be “for what?”



, the first step is to identify the business process that is the bottleneck

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