Henco Kotze

To say that South Africa has experienced an epochal shift since 1994 is an understatement for the ages. This country, together with much of the world, has seen a rising tide of new challenges crop up; challenges which often confound established solutions. It is therefore fortunate that, together with these challenges, a new crop of talent has emerged to tackle these novel challenges with their novel experiences. Born in 1994, Henco Kotze has taken a keen interest in the changing fortunes of the world, both in our present and in history. This interest, cultivated by a fastidious scholarly character, has given Henco the skillset necessary to not only analyse and dissect the rising tide of challenges, but a familiarity with precedent which makes him well-placed to offer innovative and adaptable solutions.
Though ours is a brave new world, it is only with a tempered and well-reasoned approach that we can hope to navigate the pitfalls littered about our future. To this end, Henco has dedicated himself in both his studies and his actions to figuring out what is the ideal path. Every problem has an ideal solution, and it is simply a matter of wit and will to find it. To this end, Henco has pursued his studies in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with a resolve to figure out what is right; with each discipline in his multi-disciplinary career giving new insight and context on what is right, what is broken, and what it takes to fix it.
Henco’s desire to find the ideal solution gives Prosperis an indispensable asset in the performance of its duties to you. Though we cannot guarantee a right answer, we can guarantee the next best thing; Henco’s answer.
Henco has been working for Prosperis since 2005 and specialise in research. He holds a degree and honours degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) and is currently busy with a Master’s Degree.