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Welcome to the demo of Oraclis Private Wiki Document Management.

What is a private Wiki?[edit]

The online encyclopedia Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world and also one of the most trusted platforms on the internet for maintaining information.

Using the same Wiki software, we offer a dedicated, secure and customisable digital filing system to document numerous forms of institutional knowledge. The purpose is to act as a secure repository for all to-do's, instructions, tips, work instructions, and institutional knowledge that exist in organisations. With a private wiki you will:

  • Have documents at your fingertips
  • Work with the latest update of documents
  • Save time
  • Collaborate
  • Get everyone to share their little box of tricks
  • Easy to navigate and search

Oraclis can assist with the design, implementation and content for your own private Wiki. Read more about our Wiki services

Security Features[edit]

In addition to the built-in security features of wiki software, our customised solution includes:

  • System is password protected on multiple layers. Only authorised users can access the system.
  • Everything is hidden from the world, unless configured as a public wiki.
  • Only specific authorised users can edit articles and add information
  • Each area has its own security. Access can be granted to limited areas of the system
  • Documents are read-only, except for authorised users
  • All activities are logged and there are full insights into what changes were made.
  • Audit log showing all changes, who changed and what was changed.
  • System is hosted on a secure platform complying with Protection Of Personal Information (POPI) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines.

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System Features[edit]

A full list of features can be found here. The system can be hosted on the business's internal servers, existing web servers or on a dedicated system.

Some featured highlights are:

  • Links to files, folders or external resources.
  • Rollback

Read more about the Features.

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What can we do for you?[edit]

Wikipedia is free. Anyone can download, install and operate it. The software can be downloaded here. If, however, you prefer to focus on your core business, Oraclis can assist with:

  • Set-up and configuration of the basic system.
  • Host the system on a secure web server.
  • Load all your content and fully populate with your data
  • Provide document storage. We prefer to use the commercial version of Google Drive, but can integrate to most document storage systems.
  • Design and implement a custom filing system to cater for your organisation's unique requirements.
  • Provide advice on a best-practice storage solution
  • Manage all updates and maintenance of the system.
  • We have a database of standard templates which we can customise to fit your exact requirements.

Oraclis has experience creating standard operating procedures compliant with audit requirements and ISO9001 standards. If you want more information, send us an email or book an appointment

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Example Applications[edit]

Wikipedia is proven to be one of the best platforms to create and share knowledge. Wiki can be used in multiple possible applications. Some examples of how the system can be used are:

Communicated with Clients[edit]

Published on a public platform, Oraclis Wiki can be used to communicate with clients. Features are fully customisable and might include:

  • Publish product help
  • Answer frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • Market the organisation
  • created very soon had

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Staff Training[edit]

On a private platform, Oraclis Wiki is ideal to distribute and manage training.

  • Publish course material
  • Link training to work instructions and operating procedures.
  • Create additional articles on how to apply training specifically in the context of the organisation
  • Host training logs and progress reports

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Document Management[edit]

Oraclis Wiki is ideal to manage the documentation of the organisation.

The standard template (not included in this demo site) includes a best-practice layout and templates for common documentation that complies with a proper governance framework like ISO 9001.

This wiki is a demo. Although it is fully functional, it does not have all the security features enabled. It is also not populated with actual data. It has all the features enabled to test functionality. The CIS200 - Records and Forms does have a table of typical data that a company may want to file. In there, you will find Company Documents and can navigate to Founding Statement to view how the navigation works. All the content is customisable.

Oraclis offers a number of management solutions. One of these is document management. Using our expertise in business management and programming, we can assist with the setup and configuration of the system. To read how we can help your business click here.

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Example Layout[edit]

Example Layout (Based on ISO9001 Principles)


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Example Categories[edit]


CIS100 - Knowledgebase
This page is dedicated to keeping all those how-to's in one single place, easily accessible and continuously updated.

Records and Forms[edit]

CIS200 - Records and Forms
Recordkeeping and Forms (Templates)

Work Instructions[edit]

CIS300 - Work Instructions
Work Instructions of the organisation


CIS400 - Procedures
All procedures


CIS500 - Manuals
All manuals


CIS600 - Policies
All policies

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Example of Focus Areas[edit]

Focus areas combine all documents relevant to a topic under one heading. For example, timesheets may be filed under CIS200 - Records and Forms but is also be needed by Finance to calculate invoices. Using Focus areas prevent unnecessary browsing between categories.

IT Documents and Policies[edit]

Information and ICT Management

Human Resources[edit]

Human Resources



Documents required for Tender[edit]

Documents Required for Tender

Health and Safety[edit]

Health and Safety

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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

Getting started[edit]